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Precision Lens Molding of Glass: A Process Perspective

Titre :

Precision Lens Molding of Glass: A Process Perspective

Caractéristiques :

Auteur(s) :Jayson J. Nelson
Parution :04/2021
Langue :Anglais Anglais
ISBN :9789811542404
Reliure :Paperback
Prix :86.50 € ttc
Disponibilité :Livraison sous 2 à 10 jours ouvrables.

Couverture :

Precision Lens Molding of Glass: A Process Perspective

Résumé :

This book highlights the tools and processes used to produce high-quality glass molded optics using commercially available equipment. Combining scientific data with easy-to-understand explanations of specific molding issues and general industry information based on firsthand studies and experimentation, it provides useful formulas for readers involved in developing develop in-house molding capabilities, or those who supply molded glass optics.

Many of the techniques described are based on insights gained from industry and research over the past 50 years, and can easily be applied by anyone familiar with glass molding or optics manufacturing.

There is an abundance of information from around the globe, but knowledge comes from the application of information, and there is no knowledge without experience. This book provides readers with information, to allow them to gain knowledge and achieve success in their glass molding endeavors.

Table des matières :

· Glass Molding Overview

o History

o Principle of Operation

o Equipment

o Process Developments

o Applications

o Types of Optical Surfaces

o Preform Types and Manufacture

o Process Capabilities / Tolerances

· Tools for Molding of Precision Surfaces

o Traditional Tool Materials

o Tools for Low Temperature Applications

o Optical Surface Fabrication

o Die Plate / Mold Die / Transfer Plate

o Sleeve Molding

o Temperature Sensing

o Low Cost Tooling

· Tool Compensation Considerations

o Tool design

o Fundamental Equations

o Fourier Analysis (from RPI notes)

o Application to Tool Design (also bulk CTE considerations, J.Pulver notes)

o Spherical and Aspheric Surfaces

o Diffractive Surfaces (radial & height)

· Tool Coatings

o Chemical Interactions

o Release Coatings

o Protective Coatings

o Coated Preforms

· Moldable Glasses

o Chemical Composition / needs

o Oxides

o Infrared Materials

o Index Drop

o Special Handling

· Crystallization Kinetics

o Crystallization

o Nucleation and Growth

o Glass Formation

· Molding Processes

o Vacuum Molding

o Finished Lens Molding

o Free Diameter Molding

o Sleeve Molding

o Constant Flow Molding

o Stress Relaxation

o Insert Molding

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