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Human Resource Leadership in the 21st Century

Titre :

Human Resource Leadership in the 21st Century

Caractéristiques :

Auteur(s) :Alan Weiss
Parution :07/2021
Langue :Anglais Anglais
Nbre de pages :300
ISBN :9780471186861
Reliure :Livre relié
Prix :34.00 € ttc
Disponibilité :Sortie prévue le 15/07/2021

Résumé :

Features contributions from the Cabot Group, a major consulting organization formed by the retired executive vice presidents of human resources from Colgate-Palmolive, Merck, Xerox, Nortel Networks, and others.

* Lets these former executives speak their minds about issues that range from diversity to downsizing, from board participation to boredom, from productivity to pop psychology, and everything in between.

* Includes a series of vignettes, personal reminisces, defeats, victories, and other insightful, behind-the-scenes revelations about the power and impact of the profession on corporate life and individual well-being.

Table des matières :

Editor's Introduction.

1. What Is the True Role of Contemporary Human Resources?

2. How Can HR Identify and Maximize the Human Asset?

3. The Non-Rewarding Aspects of Rewards.

4. Gaining Credibility.

5. Creating Partnerships with Line Operations.

6. Profound Challenges.

7. Setting Effective HR Strategies.

8. Contemporary Practices.

9. The Future.

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